From The First Sight 

multimedia installation 
Pergola, Italy

Technologies became inseparable form a human life. Different gadgets with screens surround us and inevitably effect our behaviour and interaction with the others. By having only a smartphone with the internet access we feel connected, we feel part of the whole world like a big family. Let’s say you have a video call form a friend. Usually at the same time with the other’s person video translation you’ve got video of yourself somewhere in a corner. This image is pretty seductive to us, it attracts maybe more attention then a person you are talking to. You move your head side to side, back and forth and then that’s it, you are looking good, you are satisfied. The surface of a digital screen is like a reflection on the water in which mythological Narcissus fell in love with.
But the interaction itself is fail to happen because in fact we are thinking more of how «the other» perceives us and not really involve in the conversation. From the other side we can’t interact even with our own image because it requires an eye contact. The front camera is situated on a side of the axis of the view which makes it impossible to make an eye contact with yourself. The eyes are running away, hide somewhere on a side. This metaphoric fracture gives us opportunity to take a look to our own face in an unusual perspective. I can see movements of my eyeball, contemplating my face like a landscape without recognising it. The encounter is not happening, the screen controls it.

In the process of interaction with the installation, people were taking pictures of themselves. Some of them were even taking selfies with the smartphones and ipads used in the artwork.