*(greek) - concurrent perception.

Giorgio Agamben, in his essay,  “The Friend,” talks about a famous passage from Aristotle and using it to define the experience of friendship in the following terms: «The friend is not another I, but an otherness immanent in self-ness, a becoming other of the self. At the point at which I perceive my existence as pleasant, my perception is traversed by a concurrent perception that dislocates it and deports it towards the friend, towards the other self. 
Friendship is this de-subjectivization at the very heart of the most intimate perception of self.» The depicted scenes and interactions in this photo series are an attempt to ruminate on the theme of coexistence, parallel existence, existence with a «friend,» as an analogy for the philosophical term «the other.» Because "the other" exists, you exist. The circumstantial, perhaps absurd parallel presence of the friend, manifests as an expansion of self.