Phantasm Figure


In my childhood I often have been listening to the same story, told by my mother. She was walking with her two kids in a new, still unfinished district of the city, in which we have just moved in. Depressing environment enacted a sense of longing while she was walking through the neighbourhood. She noticed a man standing on one of the balconies, he was wearing a bathrobe, a cup was in his hand, a warm light was on in the room behind him. This picture is still imprinted in her memory as an image of peace, prosperity and security. This episode was the first thing which came to mind when I questioned myself about the source of an image of a real, grown up man which has already formed in my identity. My mother’s look at the balcony from above gave birth to phantasmic image of the event. In this very moment I unconsciously identified myself with this man and, in a sense, have absorbed the projection of his figure.  To complete the process of transformation, it remains to become it physically, merge with the prototype. The project is a documentation of the series of reenactments of this encounter.
Twenty one photos corresponds to the number of houses in the neighbourhood in 1987.