Oleg Savunov is a photographer and a lens-based artist, born in 1983 in Leningrad, Russia. In 2005 graduated from Moscow State Pedagogical University with a degree in Law. Then, he studied press photography at the Faculty of Press Photographers of Saint-Petersburg, Russia (2012). Subsequently, he continued his education in photography at the Fotodepartament Institute of Saint-Petersburg. Throughout this time, Oleg’s work was published in several online magazines, namely Amuse by Vice, The Guardian, F-Stop, Calvert Journal, GEO, and The Village. His field of interests ranges from photographic documentary projects to conceptual lens-based works which explore philosophical and existential questions of identity and self-perception by using the photographic medium. Landscape, one of the most classical photographic genres, has been his perpetual object of research and investigation which has led him to expand his work practice towards installation.

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2021 Calvert Journal “Ozersk”.

2018 Inrussia Magasine “Amendment 64”.

2017 Amuse by The Vice Magazine "Amendment 64".

2017 Landscape Stories "Altered Landscape" "Failed Interference".

2017 F-Stop Magazine "Identity&Community", "Phantasm Figure" project.

2017 GEO Magazine, Nepal travel pictures.

2015 New Landscape Photography Blog "Failed interference".

2015 The Guardian "Inside the zone". Series from the set of "Under Electric Clouds" movie by Alexei German Jr.

2015 Calvert Journal "Inside the zone". Series from the set of "Under Electric Clouds" movie by Alexei German Jr.

2014 Calvert Journal "An island story".

2013 "The Village" online magazine. Group project "On the Block" series.

2012 "PHOTO/arts Magazine - Self Contained". Project "4.10"


2021 First Year MFA exhibition, Stanford Art Gallery, CA, US.

2019 “Blooming Festival” - international digital art festival. Pergola, Italy.

2019 “Presence” - international festival of contemporary photography. Berthold Center. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

2018 “Spacing” group exhibition. Quartariata art residency. Petergof, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

2014 "Institute.Production" group exhibition. Center of Contemporary Culture "Change". Kazan, Russia.

2014 "Red eye effect" group exhibition. Fotodepartament Gallery. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

2014 "Young photography" group exhibition. Don State Public Library, Rostov-on-Don, Russia.

2013 "On the block" group exhibition. "New Holland" exhibition space. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

2013 "Young photography. Selected" group exhibition. Baltic Biennal of Photography "Photomania", Kaliningrad, Russia.

2012 “Young Photography 2012, 1/2. “Below The Surface” group exhibition, Foundation "FotoDepartament", Saint-Petersburg. Russia.

2012 First overseas group exhibition of St.Petersburg Faculty of Press Photographers in Catalonian Institute of Photography (IEFC), Barcelona, Spain.


2020 Admitted for the MFA program in Stanford University, CA, USA.

2012-2015 FotoDepartament Institute, St.Petersburg, Russia. Educational program “Photography As Research”.

2012 International Summer Photography Workshop “Nordic Photography Experience ”, Foundation “FotoDepartament”, Nikolai Howalt (Copenhagen)"Place".

2010 - 2012 Faculty of Press Photographers at Saint Petersburg House of Journalists

2011 Practical workshop "Working with nonprofit organizations." Mikhail Fridman, Foundation FotoDepartament

2009 Practical workshop "Genre and a genre picture," Boris Mikhalevkin St. Petersburg Foundation for Photo Workshops.

2005 - 2006 Studied photography in Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia


2012 Short - list of "Viewbook Photostory 2012: Small Stories" competition. Project "4.10"