In your shoes

The work was created within the framework of the group project which offers artists to rethink the notion of the term «space», working within the framework of a single house. The work redefines not only a physical space directions ( the window on the video appears to be beyond the viewer ) but also a concept of place as a single position of an individual in space, his/her present experience and offers a possibility of co-presence with the figure on the video, to change the location of the viewer from one to another, but in the same space of the house. Smooth lightening of the video represents a process of symbolisation/adaptation to the place and its mastering. Once this process is completed the space around ceases to exist.

On the video artist stands with his back to the camera looking at the view for 5 minutes, the exposure of the video gradually brightens until it turns into a white screen. The installation is situated in the shaft of the 3-storey building. It consists of the video which is projected to a screen fixed at the level of the 2nd floor, a multichannel audio of the street sounds from the video presented on speakers placed by the viewer stand point and lightning  which is synchronised to the video and gradually brightens up the installation space with diode lamps.